Sunday, 5 December 2010

Minor Project - The Tunnels

The Model

 Added Brick Texture
 I found that for the bricks were slightly too big

Re-adjusted Brick Texture
I thought that the bricks were too bright and looked new but they needed to be dull and dirty to fit into a sewer surrounding  

Re-adjusted Colour
 I found a problem that due to using repeat UV's when texturing, there was a line going along the roof of the tunnel.

 Removing Repeat Uv's
 This made the bricks really big so I knew I had to go and redo the texture.

Testing Idea - Rotating Texture and Adding Arch
I redid the texture by making the brick image smaller and repeating the brick pic over the Uv's.
I feel that the bricks going along the tunnel rather than round the tunnel does not work but I think arches could work and I may include arches at a later date when refining.

Finished (For Now)
So I rotated the brick texture back round and added in some lighting in the form of long, thin area lights.

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