Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Minor Project - Concept Art And Previz After Thoughts

I felt that I managed to use victorian items effectively to show this era in time yet add a slightly futuristic edge by enlarging objects and adding some objects that were invented just outside the victorian era. The vast scale I think was captured very well by using the height and width as well as placing the victorian items effectively.

Although when I created the previz using the concept art - it showed flaws with the perspective on my concept art as they dont match - so now as I want the concept art and previz to merge effectively I am going to take an image of the view of the previz I want and paint on top of it so I get the correct perspective to allow them to merge successfully.

Also I feel that the layout was not working effectively so I want to pack the scene out to make it exciting to go through in the fly through and I think also that it should be sort of split into districts like one third of the tunnel being work then the other two thirds being used for residential.

So now I want

The First Concept Art and Pre- Viz to be of the work district

The Second Concept Art and Pre-Viz to be of the residential district

The Third Concept Art and Pre-Viz to be a view from inside the elevator and looking round

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