Monday, 21 February 2011

Major Project - Trips

Over the next couple of day I will meeting up with two train enthusiast to find out more information about the carriages that belong to the orient express and they have said I will be allowed access to there collected books, articles and internet research to see if they contain any useful images or descriptions that I may be able to use. The first one I am seeing just loves trains and has lots of model trains including a couple that apparently would have been used on the orient express so I can get a look inside and out of what the carriages would have been like as train models are so accurate to scale. The second person I will be visiting used to actually drive a famous train called the flying scotsman and he said he will contact people he knows in the profession and see what resources he can gather up for me.

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  1. consider using voice-tracks derived from actual written testimonials of passengers of their memories etc.