Sunday, 27 February 2011

Major Project - Testimonials

We were shown to our seats on a particular carriage that was a work of art straight out of an Agatha Christie novel. You sit at individual tables seated in comfortable armchairs. Each carriage has a different name and a different marquatry design interior. Each carriage offers either two and four seat tables or compartments that seat up to six people and the carriage has its own steward to look after its passengers.

On taking our seats we were welcomed with a glass of Champagne and Hors doerves and over the duration of the journey, as mentioned above, a meal of five courses was served along with complimentary wine, coffee and port or a short or liqueur. Before the experience I had worried that the food would not be very good because we'd be "on the move," but was very pleasantly surprised with both the food's quality and the standard of the service, which was excellent at all times.

Another worry had been that of standing out because I intended to propose in public! I need not of been concerned as a number of fellow passengers had their own "special" occasions to celebrate. The couple opposite were celebrating their Fortieth Anniversary and two other groups were there to celebrate one of their number's birthdays, so we were all in good company.

David, London

Our journey on the Orient Express was very enjoyable. The staff were friendly and very welcoming.The food was good and well presented. A wonderful day to remember.

Peter C

From the moment we arrived at the Orient Express reception to start our journey, to leaving the train on our return trip, the whole experience was overwhelming and something both me and my partner will remember for the rest of our lives. The staff were fantastic which made our journey that much more memorable.

Paul A

From the start to the finish the whole experience was absolutely amazing. The Orient Express, the carriages, the liveried waiting staff, the fine dining - it was an experience we should all have.

Alison A

More than a train... it was a dream. A dream of a new Europe, of a world made less foreign by the civilizing force of the new railway.

Gavin Stamp

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  1. Hey Gary :) Great to see these on here - and that last quote - 'more than a train' - is absolutely at the heart of what it is you're trying to do with this project.

    I'm not in tomorrow - as it's year 1 crit week, which means my days switch to the end of the week. How about you put together a summary post of all your progress so far for my attention, and I'll be sure to look at it tomorrow. I think we discussed the next step being getting these testimonials 'acted' out by pro voice-over artists.