Monday, 28 February 2011

Major Project - Summarised

So this a summary of all the steps I have taken so far.

1. I have created a proposal.
2. Researched the historical timeline of the orient express.
3. Researched the look of the orient express using old photo's, documentation and train models.
4. Researched the environment of the orient express's set off point of the Paris station, Gare de l'est.
6. Created a previz of how the individual carriages will be shown.(come together piece by piece)
7. Researched details of the restaurant car of the orient express.
8. Started modelling details of the restaurant car.
9. Gone on trips to find out more info which lead me to some blueprints which are extremely valuable to the project in terms of getting the layouts accurate, for an accurate representation.
10. Found testimonials of what it felt like to be on the orient express.

So the next steps are

1. to use the blueprints to create accurate models of the carriages, coal cart and engine.
2. to get voice over artists to record my testimonials.

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