Thursday, 2 December 2010

Minor Project - New Lead-Up Previz

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  1. Hey Gary - okay, you're bringing it all together, but, right now, you're launching us into it without any time to get our feet under the table. I think you need to set the scene more and create some expectation. For instance, you'll need a title - and this should be in your animatic; do we start in blackness, and then the title appears (but how, and in what typeface etc.) Then the film starts proper, but make sure you don't keep us looking at those same old sewer tunnels; what are you going to do to add interest, to keep the tension building? Also, you're going to want to spend more time showing us the underground city than you've got narration - I think that's fine; you use the narration and the tunnels etc. to set the scene, and then, after 'the district will be London' bit, you can spend some time in the city itself.

    But produce an animatic that begins with the title - work that bit out too - take a look at Raj's animatic for an idea of how much a good title sequence can contribute to setting the mood: