Friday, 26 November 2010

Minor Project - Narration

I managed to eventually get my narration for £25 off a professional called Stephen Lyons who has narrated medical video's, instruction guides for ebay and the harry potter video games. I wanted the narration to be slow as the character is imagining it as he is explaining it to the other character, also I wanted it to be deep and husky as I think that this will display the situation that they were in when the character was imagining it. So in the video below I have layed the narration over my planned layout video.


  1. great gary - already lends your work that additional x factor - really pleased you've done this - and now I want you to absolutely knock the ball out of the park on this one; leave no stone unturned in your quest for cg greatness - however, I think you should cut your narration before the 'science books' bit - finishing on 'ideas'...

  2. Gary,

    A suggestion - Your work is starting to improve and as such so should the presentation of your blog. At present the title bar doesn't do the work justice. May I suggest the you lose it in favour of something simpler and cleaner (remove the jigsaw pieces & images).

    Discuss it with me in your next tutorial (Tuesday PM).

  3. agreed, Gary - Alan is being diplomatic - more so than me! That jigsaw design has been bugging me for ages - it's not even neatly cut-out! Also, you may be attached to the previous Maya work you've done, but in all honesty, it doesn't sit well with your recent, more sophisticated work. Get rid, and go, as Alan suggests, for something simpler - perhaps more corporate; take a look at the following examples for ideas: