Friday, 22 October 2010

Minor Project - Tutorials - Alan And Simon - Why I Reinvented My Concept Art Process

Well my after thoughts about my previz and concept art was still bringing up issues around scale, perspective and layout. This issues were discussed with Alan and Simon and we felt I rushed into creating the scene going with my first sketch each time without looking at alternatives. So when with Simon, me and him talked about the process he takes and I felt this method would stop my hurried advancement process and allow me to look at multiple different views before taking it into further stages. The process is starting out by doing 15+ thumbnails from different angles in a blocked out style, then take several of these thumbnails and create the scene in detail at a larger size. Lastly you take 3 of the larger, detailed thumbnails and produce them at A4 scale with even more detail.

With the drawings I have produced over the last couple of days that can be scene in the previous posts, I believe that this process has worked for me and has allowed me to take my comcept art drawing to the next level. It has improved the all the issues with the concept art produced before I took on this technique and I plan to keep using this process for my work.

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  1. Hi Gary, these are already looking better, things that you need to look for now are :
    1. some of your lines are still in parallel where there should be convergence to the vanishing point, in particular the tiles etc.
    2.remember that things like tunnels will have there own vanishing point relative to the original.
    3. start to vary your line weight to aid the illusion of depth.
    4.start to think about what we discussed about ariel perspective (Mona Lisa), and use reference to put in the textures etc. to push these images further.