Thursday, 28 October 2010

Minor Project - More Experimentation and Refinement Of Concept Art - Industrial Area

In this piece of concept art I constructed a basic model in maya and painted over the top of it so I would get a perfect perspective and perfect sequential merge from concept art through to a final piece.


  1. Hi Gary, your concept art skills have come along leaps and bounds over the past week or so, well done. Now I believe that Alan discussed using Maya to rough out a scene, thus helping with perspective and composition. I think with the 3 environments that you have going on here you are at the right stage to do that. If you drop by Jonathan Pearmains blog and also my blog you can see examples of this process, on my blog there is a brief description of what I actually did. Joo uses the moniker Sketch, he is on my watch list so you can link to it from there.
    Keep up the good work.