Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Minor Project - More Experimentation and Refinement Of Concept Art - Laboratory


  1. Gary - this is your most confident, finessed concept yet - well done - am loving the new confidence - onwards and upwards! But keep your eye on your scale - for instance, if the tripod is huge, then those rivets on the panels would have to be enormous too; as it appears here, those rivets 'shrink' the tripod - and again, don't forget the ornamental element; those victorians would have used curves, not angles - remember the world of your story - and remember too that the tripod itself would be 'alien technology' and therefore different to the shapes etc. of the human city.

  2. yeah that feng zhu dvd really helped me finess my concept art and I was unsure whether to add in colour on the tripod to make it stand out more and I did not feel curves would work because of the scale the steel, it would have been produced in straight columns and if you look the ornamental influence is more associated with smaller objects like lamposts although I will give it a try to see what it looks like and I agree with the rivets they do need to be bigger and I plan to add in a couple of workers to help show the scale.