Monday, 30 August 2010

Dissertation - Plan

Dissertation Plan


Discuss whether a ‘fully formed world’ is as important to a story as the character and plot. With reference to different types of entertainment and to all aspects in the creation of a ‘fully formed world


Chapter 1 – Theories

Brecht’s Alienation Effect

Gestalt Theory

My Theory – How environments are unappreciated compared to the plot and character.

Chapter 2 – Environments in different types of entertainment

Animation – Using symbolism to signify environments – Phil Mulloy

Miming – Using action to make the audience imagine the environment

Theatre – Immerse the audience so feel like are witnessing it first hand and constantly changing set which are not flat and the actors use.

Film – Use vast environments created from sets and CG

Chapter 3 – Extensive Examination of Two Films




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