Monday, 3 May 2010

E-Stings - Chosen Sound Beds Of Interest

I listened to each sound bed a number of times and thought about what each sound remind me of - 5 out of the 10 clips interested me so I am going to develop ideas around these 5 and what they remind me of, then cut them down after based on the development of the idea. The clips I chose were

- 3 which remind me of a machine
- 4 which remind me of a jungle
- 5 which remind me of a ufo
- 6 which remind me of a guitar
- 8 which remind me of a disco

1 comment:

  1. Hi Gary - apologies for nagging you about this, but...

    it's your usual user name and the number on your ID card for the password - have you checked your ucreative email account for the link they should have sent you?

    Let me know when you've completed it. Cheers! :-)