Tuesday, 25 May 2010

E-Sting - Further Improved UFO Crop Circle Animation

Overlaying the UFO's using difference gives the UFO's a sort of slightly transparent blue colour which gives the UFO's a stealth feel. Also when it runs over the fade and reveals the E4 purple crop circle , the crop circle first goes bright green like the beam that comes down from UFO's then turns purple once the UFO has passed. Although you can see the change through the UFO's which could be considered bad but also good if they are ment to be stealth.

Overlaying the UFO's using lighten gives the UFO a bright silvery colour but the UFO's go invisible at the edges which could be seen as a negative but also a positive as UFO's often have stealth in films.

Overlaying the UFO's using Silhouette Luma gives the UFO's a dark look and it works well with the fade that reveals the E4 as it shows very little until the UFO fully passes over the particular spot on the field.
I think for the final animation I am going to use the Silhouetter Luma overlay effect as its the simplist and you would not have time to think about stealth when u see it as its only like 10 seconds.

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