Monday, 1 February 2010

WEEK 1 - Project Brief -Transcription

This unit requires the transcription of a narative or body of investigation andknowledge into a complex project that exploits the aesthetic possibilities of digital environments. It requires the selection of an appropriate source of inspiration and to critically define its narrative structure ( includig diegesic and non diegesic elements) aesthetic qualities, environment, characters and soudscape.

This unitbrings togeher all skills andknoledge acquired on the course and applies tem to the creation of a complex and sophisticated piece of animation project work. Tis is required to demonstrate a developed understanding of research, narrative, theory, analysis, conceptuaisation, design development, and technical proficiency. Significantly this unit marks a key transition for students form directed to self directed study.Although cosey monitored and supported by staff the proposal for he project is student led.

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